Bulk orders for all events (All products)

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Please do message me or email me to receive a quote on large orders!

  • Ideal as gifts for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, mehndi nights etc (all events)
  • Receiving a quote will be more affordable and inexpensive compared to ordering it individually.
  • You will receive a detailed digital drawing of what the candles may look like, if you would like to know how I create your orders please do follow my




    for updates.


Email me:

  • Dimension of candles, canvases etc (if you would like items sizes that are not mentioned on my site then please do mention it)
  • Design or designs
  • Colour of design or designs
  • Pearl colour if you would like any
  • If you would like it gift wrapped (Only in clear cellophane or if you would like a custom type)



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